Our History

Company Establishment

MatEnTx was established in year 2022 based on the experience of developing Piezoelectric ceramic materials for sensors, actuators, energy harvesters and piezoelectric transformers. With the initial funding the company has established a lab-scale production setup of the bulk and thick-sheet Lead-based Piezoelectric ceramic materials. The company also established the supply chain and attain expertise in the development of different oxides of Lead (Pb), these include Litharge (PbO), Massicot (PbO) and Red Lead (Sandoor/Minimum, Pb3O4).

Current Goals

Currently we are collaborating with local miners and companies to convert the Lead Ore (Galena, PbS) into Lead-ingots and Lead-oxides in Pakistan. We are providing material testing and characterization services.


We are continuing Research and Development on following materials and positioning ourselves strategically in the supply chains of these materials and devices.

1- Lead-Based Hard Piezoelectric Ceramic Powder (Lead-Zirconate-Titanate, PZT)

2- Lead-Free Piezoelectric Ceramic Powder

3- Multilayer Piezoelectric Ceramic Actuators

4- Magnets (Rare Earth Element Based) Recycling

5- Nano Materials (Piezoelectric and Magnetostrictive)

6- Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Material Production & Analysis Software Tools