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Materials and Energy Transformation stylized as MatEnTx is a Private Limited company based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The company founders have more than 10 years of history of research and professional working experience on piezoelectric ceramic (both lead and lead-free). We have developed the products such as Piezoelectric ceramic precursors oxides (lead-mono-oxides; massicot & litharge), piezoelectric ceramic powder (lead zirconate titanate), piezoelectric devices (energy harvesters, buzzers, ultrasonic cleaners) for different applications. We are working on developing variety of products based on piezoelectric materials, magnets and rare earth metals.

Our currently offered Piezoelectric ceramic product range are listed in standard Products section. Piezoelectric products are custom-made, so we offer design and consultancy services for our clients from all over the world. For our magnets and rare-earth-element based products, we offer the application specific design, manufacturing and consultancy services.


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