Piezo Testing

Electrical Characterization of Piezoelectric Ceramics

For the Testing of the Piezoelectric Ceramic Materials, following Equipment's are required.

  1. LCR Meter or Impedance Analyzer
  2. D33 Meter
  3. Vibrometer

1. LCR Meter or Impedance Analyzer

An LCR meter is a type of electronic test equipment that measures the inductance, capacitance, and resistance of an electronic component, in our case, the piezoelectric sensor or actuator. It can also be used to determine impedance of the piezoelectric material.

For piezoelectric ceramic, an LCR meter which can measure the static capacitance at 100 and 1000Hz is needed, also to find the impedance response an LCR operating at wide frequency range is required.

The selection of LCR/impedance-analyser is related to the resonance frequency of the piezoelectric material which depends on its geometrical shape and vibration mode (radial, thickness, etc.). To determine the piezoelectric ceramic resonance frequency range, the online calculator available at the APC Piezo and FerroPerm Piezoceramics.

Some of the LCR meter which are used for piezoelectric ceramics are listed below;

a) LCR Meter, MCR-6200A, from the Matrix (China), Frequency range: 12HZ-200KHZ: This LCR meter can measure piezo disc operating in resonance frequency of maximum 200kHz, which relates to about 12mm diameter. The resonance frequency of the Disc having diameter less than 12 mm cannot be measure by this LCR meter model. the smaller the diameter the greater will be the radial resonance frequency.


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